Holiday Program - Roaring Success!

This week we completed our first holiday program with huge success. After a safety and attitude briefing, we began with the students building the mBot from bare parts, and what a thrill it was to see it come to life after inserting the batteries to power up and using the infrared remote control to make it run around.

After that, we just go stuck into coding! It doesn't take long at all to grasp the fundamentals before we really challenge their thinking. The satisfaction from achieving a solution to a problem can be seen in their eyes and knowing that they have figured it out themselves. One of our favourites was seeing some really, really cool animations on the LED matrix plate that came out of their imaginations. We were really blown away with what they came up with. Probably the most fun as a group was the soccer game, where each student had to code their mBot with the ability to move and also using the on board LEDs to show their team's colour. Those that stayed on for the day 3 "Intro to Upgrades", learnt about cool things such as accelerometers, potentiometers, PIR sensors and the real life examples where we can find these things like iPads, stereos and alarm systems. At the end, everyone got a certificate of achievement (only given out if we know that they really "get it" and achieve all the tasks. We were thrilled to have some really awesome feedback and look forward to the next program:

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