SMINKS LABS supporting our local school!

What a great turn out at the annual Willow Park School Gala last Saturday. We had droves of families and kids all wandering around with smiles on their faces and enjoying the countless activities on offer.

SMINKS LABS had a nice stall at the gala and made available numerous Bots for real hands on play and interaction. We were greeted with tonnes of inquisitive kids and adults alike. The biggest attraction of the day was the mDrawBot! It had everyone mesmerised by its sounds and actuactions as it was drawing the All Blacks logo. The Ultimate Robot was kept rather busy handing out candy to kids with its robotic gripper! It was a good opportunity for kids to get stuck in and have a play and the parents to check out what its all about!

It was great to be amongst and supporting our local community. It was uplifting seeing all the positive responses to our Bots and SMINKS LABS offering.

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