Sminks Labs + Geek Girls Tech Camp

Sminks Labs had the great pleasure to be part of the Geek Girls Tech Camp 2016 held at the Central City Library today.

We had a classroom full of intelligent and creative girls who are keen to build their very own mBots. Once we got the mBots built and tested, we quickly got stuck into coding using Scratch 2.0 - controlling LEDs, buzzers and mBot's movements.

To make the mBot even cooler, we upgraded the standard mBot with LED matrix face plate so we can customise and put a friendly face to our mBots.

Sminks Labs just got our hands on the mini gripper upgrade and what better way to launch it than at Geek Girls! So... on goes the mini gripper to turn our mBots into SUPER mBots!

We finished off the day with a game called "Cheeky Monkey" where groups of girls get to control the now SUPER mBot around the arena, capturing golf balls and placing it back to their base. The "upside down smiley face" team made a stellar effort in capturing the most balls and won hands down. All other teams did well, showing good team effort and most importantly everyone had a good laugh and participated.

Thank you Central City Library for your support and definitely a highlight for Sminks Labs for sure!

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