Sminks Labs making big noises at Epsom Library :)

Thank you Epsom Library once again for hosting our 2nd round coding and robotics session there! Thank you for all those who dropped by to see what all the noise was about :P

We had a fantastic reception with kids, kids with parents and parents, rushing in as the doors open at the library!

Today, we had a bunch of younger kids coming with their parents to have a go at building mBots. Once completed, they would spend the rest of the time controlling the mBot to roam around the library floor! Giggling most of the time :P We also had two star players who not only blitz through the construction of mBot but impressed us with your creativity and coding skills on Scratch 2.0! Somebody buy these kids an mBot. Or two!

Anyways, there are always a buzz around our events so check out the gallery of images from today! If you want us to come to your local library, get in touch with us! We would love to make some fun and noise!

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