"I am very glad I took Digital this year..."

This is why we get out of bed every morning to do what we do. Check out what a Year 10 student at Carmel College had to say about our mBots! Below is an excerpt from the Carmel College newsletter.

Robotics at Carmel This is the first year we have been learning programming with Robotics at Carmel College. We are using mbot robots and Makeblock software. Here is what A.L. thinks about DTE:

"When I started Digital I didn’t know what to expect, but being able to make gifs of dancing sheep and program leprechauns to move certainly wasn’t what I thought would happen, and surprisingly not only was it relatively easy but I enjoyed it a lot. Then we moved on to robotics where the responsibility of not only programming our robots but building them from scratch over took me and made me count the days until I had digital again. The simple act of being able to make the robot do what you programmed it to do makes the lesson exciting and inclusive to have.

The first thing that you had to learn on your own was figure out how to program the LED lights - what colour, how many lights on, how many seconds between changes. Coupling that with programming a buzzer with different notes and octaves enabled you to create a police robot which my group and I took great delight in guiding around the classroom. This was on top of learning how to use ultrasonic sensors to avoid obstacles and programming the robot to follow lines as well as learning about all the electronics on board the robot such as infra-red sensors, Bluetooth and how to connect the robot via cable to the computer.

I am very glad I took Digital this year and am convinced I will take it next year as well."

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