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S&S Christmas message

My daughter said I need to keep this short and sweet, else it's another boring Christmas message. so here goes.

Here is the official part, brace yourself:

We at SMINKS LABS wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year ahead for 2017.

Some selected highlights from this year.

Willow Park Gala
Central Library Geek Girls Event

De La Salle College Students prototyping validation with police constables.

Armageddon Event

And if you've come this far, I will go to my usual pre-session spiel...

Some tips for a successful robotics session - "A" is for ATTITUDE. - If you get stuck, give up! - Well, ok if you're not a quitter then prove it! - Experiment and see what happens!


That, is it from me. This year is such a blast. I thank you all for making this business happen, it simply would not exist without you. I thank my wife Lynda especially for what she has to put up with from me, but she's amazing.

Be good to one another. Kids, if your folks bought you one of our robots, be gracious and thank them profusely, they have worked hard. I have worked with kids that could only use them at schools and libraries because their parents could not afford them. Share and care. Design robots to help people.

Happy Holidays,

Peter Liew

Director - SMINKS LABS Ltd

Have a look at our new pragrams page here:

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