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mBot Workshops for Educators!

Welcome to SMINKS LABS!

A is for ATTITUDE!

SMINKS LABS vision is to contribute to changing the world massively through encouraging the use of technology positively for humans.

A free workshop for all educators: teachers, librarians, tutors.

Demo and troubleshooting common problems.

  1. The first half hour can be a quick demo for complete beginners and/or new to the Makeblock mbot. Quick examples to get started.

  2. Anything specific you need help with, so we address the biggest questions/concerns.

  3. Demo of extra modules i.e. mini gripper, electronic add-on pack, etc.

Please register here if you are an educator. This is not a workshop for the general public.

Please feel free to email in advanced anything you would like me to cover to


Two words: Instant Gratification.

We met Hamish who was already experienced with using other robotic platforms where you write your program on the computer, then transfer the program into the robot, only to find something not working quite right and having to reprogram his robot again. When Hamish saw the SMINKS LABS mBot reacting to commands from a quick program developed in literally 10 seconds he had a huge grin and was really excited.

That's right! You can write your program in Scratch 2.0 and the program can run LIVE in REAL TIME on wireless connection. No time wasting re-programming your robot/gadget. Prototyping is super fast, and you can literally test your idea at the speed of thought.

Think it. Build it. Change the World.

We focus on the "A" in STEM learning, STEAM where A is also for ART (and culture). Here's an example of the mBot playing the New Zealand anthem, with lyrics showing in Maori.

Look out for us at KidsLink events!

KidsLink is an online resource for schools and their family and whanau communities. Here, you will find a range of service providers that specialise in working with children, teenagers and their families with issues that affect their learning, development and well-being.


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