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SMINKS is about Smiles and Winks. But we are not just about that.

Robotics is fun, it's cool, but it's not just about that. Here at SMINKS LABS, what is most important is the right attitude. We are not into robot wars, I do not see the sense in teaching young people to create little terminators. We want robots to help us! To make life better for us, not worse! We are into real life projects that are useful and better for our community. We have done pilot programs with schools for helping blind people navigate, improving safety in parks and playgrounds. We challenge kids to create robots that saves lives in disaster/recovery situations. We look at sustainability by developing mini greenhouse projects. We incorporate culture and arts like a 3D printed Waka (Maori canoe) controlled by mBot for paddling, rudder control and angle of sail.

Every single lab session that we run begin with our mantra, where everyone (including any parents watching) puts on the "A" for attitude pose/stance. We all agree to do the following

- To work with a high standard of mannerism.

- To work in collaboration with others. Share. Absolutely no fighting.

- Be gentle, not rough. To respect our tools and equipment.

- If we get stuck, we first check our attitude. and if are frustrated/angry, we take a deep breath, calm down and have another go!

All our team members are required have a very high standards of attitude. My promise to you is this

- We only promote products that we truly believe is of excellent quality and value.

- We use and vigourously test our products before releasing it for sale.

- We follow through with excellent technical support when you need it.

- We always treat all clients with respect, whether or not they decide to buy/work with us.

Peter Liew.

Founder and Director of SMINKS LABS Ltd.


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