• Peter Liew - Director

Thank you!

SMINKS LABS would like to inform you that we have closed our online store business for supply of off-the shelf hardware.

It's been a wild ride introducing the Makeblock solution to New Zealand.  Yes we were the first. We thank you for the pleasure of working with you and hope that we have contributed positively to your coding and robotics journey. A for ATTITUDE, without the right attitude, it doesn't matter how smart/rich/clever your idea is.

My good and trusted friend Otto Halberg of 3D Concepts, whom I have been working with together on a few projects, will be stepping up to support all our existing clients and partners for hardware supply and support. Please contact him on 022 6309681 or email

I am still involved with some special projects and on-going partnerships.  If you have a special project in mind, please let me know and serious about needing my help, please let me know.

All the very best.


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