Me RJ25 Adapter V2.1
Me RJ25 Adapter V2.1 is the updated version of Me RJ25 Adapter V2.0. It can convert 6P6C RJ25 connector to 2 common signal connectors (which contains power interfaces and a signal interface). It can be used to connect modules from other manufacturers to Me series modules such as connecting temperature sensor to Me Baseboard, Me Micro Limit Switch to Me Baseboard.

Break out 2 common connectors: two signal connectors (which contains power interfaces and a signal interface)
Connect modules from other manufacturers with Me series modules
Easy wiring with 6 Pin RJ25 interface
Compatible with Me–Base Shield
I2C breakout pins for I2C communication
2.54mm breakout pins for connecting with jumper wires
16mm interval M4 mounting holes, compatible with Makeblock beams
A red power indicator LED
Dimensions: 2.4cmx4.8cm

User Guide:

Me RJ25 Adapter V2.1

SKU: 2013801
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