SMINKS LABS Rally Steerer 1.0



The steering wheel is a REAL one you would have used in a real car.  What better way to get some real engagement than this?  Even the horn works!


What is it for?

Integrating with a Makey Makey (not included in the price),you wire up this Rally Steerer to perform the up/down/left/right functions on your keyboard.  Now you can use it for gaming, or control your mBot.


Why did you make this?

Instead of playing musical fruits or making musical instruments (which is pretty much what everyone else does) with the Makey Makey, we thought we'd do something real cool.



  • Yes, that is a real steering wheel that racers buy to flash up their cars.
  • Wheel shaft can be removed for easy storage and transport.
  • Copper wire contact points for good conductivity and robustness.
  • Slots to place your iPad/tablet. Good when you put your phone on your robot, then you can video call yourself and be driving around through your iPad/tablet.
  • FREE advanced program for moving the mBot with every purchase.


Check out our video of the prototype:


Note: Makey Makey is NOT included. Just buy one from your local computer/gadget shop. Or the knock-offs from Ali Express.

SMINKS LABS Rally Steerer 1.0

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  • Typically ships within 2 weeks.  As it is a new release, it is currently built to order.