My Year 10 students use the mBots when we are learning coding/programming.  They love the mBots and ask to work with them whenever we have spare lesson time.  mBots’ are fun to use and I feel it brings a new level to the engagement level and motivation my students’ have when completing their coding tasks.   My main purchasing considerations were that they worked with MS Windows and they were affordable so that I could build up a class set.  I find Peter Liew at SMINKS Labs very approachable and flexible with great customer service.  I would recommend getting in touch with them regarding what they can offer.

Teresa Walker

Digital Technology HOD

Forest View High School


"The children really enjoyed the interactive nature of physically building the robot. They find the robots challenging but fun. The robots look cool, and they can be involved in constructing the robot. It's quite a robust robot and they can easily program the robots to perform tasks.

As a teaching tool I think there is an opportunity in robotics clubs where students are able to carefully work with robots which are cost effective, using Arduino based parts but in a format that is quite robust, but also to interface with Scratch which is easy to program and to be able to start coding and seeing it interact.

One of the greatest aspect is that it is more cost effective than some of the other robots out there. It is a draw card in terms of what it offers in terms of outputs, and what the children can learn from it, and what they can do with it. It is a very good starting point can but can also quickly turn into quite a complex robot.

Having seen the SMINKS LABS tutors working with the students, I think it is a very good option for starting out or progressing their coding and robotics. I would definitely recommend SMINKS LABS to parents and teachers alike."

(selected excerpts from interview)

Mrs. Kushlagh Thompson
Electronics, Robotics and 3D Printing Technology 
Birkdale Intermediate

"I love technology and programming and want to introduce it to younger children. With this in mind I have been playing with Arduinos. The programming learning curve with them is however very steep hence when I saw products that could achieve my desired outcome but used a Scratch interface, I was VERY excited!

Knowing the quality, functionality and affordability of MakeBlock products... and the fact that there is local distributor made the decision (to purchase) that much easier. 

These robots will be used to engage students in future-focused inquiry learning while developing an understanding of programming, computer interfaces and hardware, to name but a few."

Mr. Andre Basel, MIITP
Director of Technology & Information
Rosmini College


General comments from satisfied customers

"It’s all in one package, you don’t have to do too much to it to quickly start seeing something happening, like you would on a raspberry pi." - purchaser of 2.4ghz mBot


"Wrote a letter to Santa that he wanted an mBot" - very non technical dad with a super keen son


"We bough this product as a fun intro to coding that is more tactile than just making computer games." - teacher 


"Looks like a great project that will be stimulating and educational" - father of 10yr old son


"Gonna be fun when me and my boy put them together" - engineer & electrical dad of 7yr old son


"Received the item on time, fast and good communication. Will definitely enjoy putting the robot together" - uncledidi


"Great company to deal with, product was delivered the very next day, can't wait to see my daughter's face when she sees her present!" - daestra

"Awesome trade thanks heaps, highly recommended." - wisesheep

"Great Trader - super quick shipping, Thanks!" - dazza169


"Great robot. Fun to use." - martybnz